Wordless Wednesday : Birthday

For Wordless Wednesday I have decided to write a little something about my birthday.

July 11th was my 44th birthday. It was a very happy day for me. My family and boyfriend went out of there way to make the day a memorable event.

My boyfriend started off by playing a song  he likes and listens to. He says it reminds him of me : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGflUbPQfW8

My boyfriend gave me present to unwrap. It was a necklace with a sweet romantic note inside.


My teenage son bought me a necklace that says mom for my birthday. I thought how sweet! I had him help me put it around my neck. I am wearing it now.


My boyfriend surprised me with another box to open. It was a ring. isn’t it gorgeous? I happen to think so. This is one lady feeling pretty special.

20150712_175441 (2)

My oldest son got me a card that almost made me cry. it was really sweet and something I will cherish forever.

My daughter and my mother also got me a card. Time to look to see how I can turn those cards in to a DIY master piece to keep forever. Any ideas?

To top things off, my boyfriend took me out to a near by local restaurant that people rave about the steaks. Jewell Cafe. Located in Northwest Ohio. We opt out of getting the steak. As people have mentioned recently how fatty the steaks have been. I am not a big steak eater. Nor do I like fatty meat.


Instead we both ordered the cod platter. Something we later regretted. As the fish was either a)  not thoroughly cooked or b) not properly cooked. The coleslaw and curly fries turn out yummy!

All photos were taken by and © belong to me Sandy KS aka rusty2rusty.